MICROPLACE. INC. is an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) company with years of experience in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly and Thru-hole assembly since the company was formed in 1997.

MICROPLACE. INC. is dedicated to quality manufacturing through the use of a well maintained equipment, a well-trained staff, and a controlled manufacturing process. This commitment has helped MICROPLACE. INC. produce highly reliable products thus leading to total customer satisfaction.

MICROPLACE. INC. specializes in assembling printed circuit boards in accordance to IPC-610 specifications along with any customer specific guidelines. MICROPLACE. INC. provides small to medium volume production and prototype services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) under consignment and /or turnkey agreements.

MICROPLACE. INC. customers supply products from the telecommunications, medical, aerospace, and industrial equipment industries.


SMT Equipment
  • DEK screen printers
  • Topaz X pick and place machine by Assembleon
  • Topaz XII pick and place machine by Assembleon
  • Opal XII pick and place machine by Assembleon
  • XPM2 reflow oven with 14 zones and 3 cooling, lead free rated by Vitronics Soltec
  • HVC reflow oven with 10 zones by Conceptronics
Inspection Equipment
  • 3 Mantis inspection scope, 30X-50X by Vision engineering
  • 1 KH-1000 Hi Scope, 50X-300X by Hirose
Clean Equipment
  • Ultrasonic Batch cleaner
Thru-hole Equipment
  • Hepco 1700-2
  • Hepco 7900-LF
  • Hepco 8000-1
  • Hepco 1500-1
Soldering Equipment
  • Prisma Wave with a chip wave by Dover Soltec
Curing/Baking Equipment
  • NB-350 industrial oven by Grieve Corp






At MicroPlace, We pride ourselves in quality work & customer satisfaction.

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